Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visual Charts of the Text to Music Concept..

This Text to Music concept can be from a single word repeated over and over to create a Melody like pattern or  interpretations of the entire piece of text file such as a poem or the text of a website being composed into a single song.This concept music is usually played through a soft-synth but can be  played live on stage with a real instruments. The notes patterns are all predetermined by the text but all the instruments, tempo, key, scales and overall live techniques are all up to the Artist/producers Interpretation.

These are two visual charts that show the layout of how the text notes are equal to the letter or ascii value of a character. the ascii charts displays what the average range of the human ear can hear though the true ascii is 0-127.

Text to Music Concept Paper..

This is a short article I just published on the music and concept of text to music.

Please give it a read and share your thoughts on it..

Text to Music Article

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