Saturday, November 27, 2010

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I INvite you to Join and Follow Alphacore a Experimental Text to Music Artist here is a direct link to the Fan Page.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

A great Video on creating algorithmic music with Software

This was a excellent Video on Algorithmic music some of the ways its Being Created.

25C3 Algorithmic Music in a Box from

Musiche per automi by Jenner Fusari

 Musiche per automi from  Jenner Fusari  is based on planned elementary forms of intelligence artificial typical of much more notes simulations than cellular artificial life.

Ruby Based Text to Music converter

A while back there was a simple audio tool created in ruby to let you compose Text to Music compositions.
 Below is a short video showing it in action and I have included a Link to the source code for this application.

Video Tutorial Text to Music Application Demo Video

Code Link: Grab the Text to Music Application ( you can download and use freely.)
This application requires ruby language to be installed on your computer if your a mac user you already have it.
if your on another platform then please go down it at
If you have any questions about this software please leave a comment.

If start creating music with this application please contact us we love to showcase your Project here at this Blog.

Various Articles on Different forms of Computer Generated Music

Here are three articles that been published that cover different forms of Conceptual Algorithmic Music.

 The Conceptual Idea of converting everyday text into Musical scores.
The concept of Text to Music

This article talk is about various forms of Algorithmic music and how it can be created. 
Fractals and Other Kinds of Algorithmic Music Concepts

This is a Music art-form of creating and taking images and creating music scores out them with the use of Computer aided music software.
An Experimental of Converting Images into Music

I hope you enjoy these articles if you have articles on other forms of live coding and algorithmic music please share it..

Welcome to Conceptual Algorithmic Music!

 Hello Everyone,

The hopes of this site is to bring together people interested in computer generated Music and all the different forms of Algorithmic Music. This is Includes conceptual music forms like text to music and converting images into music compositions.

Always looking to Share artist and composer Music and Albums. Sharing thoughts on further advancing these forms and promoting the creations with the world.

Please take a moment and start following this blog also if you like to share your projects here please contact me always looking to share great new ideas and artists.