Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Building in Cannon Theory into Algorithmic Music.

The idea of this article is to open up a discussion on how to add way a musical canon is composed and written and to apply them into algorithmic music environment. Below is a few of standard concepts that you will find when composing a canon.


Augmentation increases the duration of each note by a uniform proportion. example if the melody contains 8th note and quarter note. The augmented version of the melody might substitute quarter for 8th notes and half notes for the quarter notes.


Diminution decreases the duration of each note by a uniform proportion. example if the melody contains 8th note and quarter note. The augmented version of the melody might substitute 16th notes for 8th notes and 8th notes for the quarter notes.


Inversion is like a mirror image of the original melody. Inversion reverse the direction of the melodic intervals. example if the melody was an ascent of a major 3rd from c to e. The inverted melody would be C down to A or descend a major third.


Retrograde is a musical term that literally means "backwards" This is a technique used in music,
The original melody is played backwards. Specifically in Serialism, where the retrograde techniques are performed on the same tone row at the same time.

Now recreating these in a computer music system can easily be achieved I will be tackling each one these formats personal in my language of choice which is ruby. If all of these concepts once the algorithm is figured out and understood it can be recreated in and programming language.

I like to invite you en sharing comments on this theory and how and the easiest way that they can be achieved..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ascii Art vs Text to Music Mashup

In the ever expanding study of text to music and trying to find new ways artists can create compositions.
Personal being a big fan of ascii art and what text to music is the sound version of ascii art I wanted to combine them so while back i came across a site called GlassGiants. They have a great online Ascii art generator.. which lets you either link a image with a url or upload one and the site will convert. Through the use of text to music I take the idea one step further by copying and pasting the outputted. ascii art into a text to music generator and Save the outputed midi which i will route to a soft-synth or instrument that can play back midi..

here a short example of this concept in action

The picture used:

photo by Olaf Meister and released under the creative commons licenses at Sankt-Petri-Kirche Eimersleben photo :

The ascii art produced:

(GlassGiants Ascii Art Generator)

The Music produced from the ascii art:

Created and Mixed By Alphacore

I hope to see more people explore this idea and love to hear your creations..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Musical Algorithms by Jonathan N. Middleton

Today I like to showcase a Online Algorithmic music generator that was created by Jonathan N. Middleton, D.M.A. a Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University. This application was designed as a set of  interactive tools that allow you to create your own mathematical algorithmic compositions and unique learning experience for users, regardless of your musical training..

Musical Algorithms

Friday, December 3, 2010

Music in Images by Arjun Gupta

Music in Images was created by Ajun Gupta. This is a online algorithmic music generator based off the concept of converting images into musical scores. This application is a excellent example of musical software that allows anyone to explore this art-form and way of generating new music. I personally had fun playing around creating music with his Software. I recommend  that you take a minute or two and try it out for yourself at Music in Images the Online Music Generator

If you like to showcase your images and the music created from it please contact me I'll Showcase it at this Blog.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creating Composition based off converting Images

Over the years i have experimented with algorithmic composition. Composition Music that is based off computer generation has always fascinated me. In my quest to find all the various ways musical patterns can be generated.

I came across a Freeware Music Software called Sounds of a Image created by Tim Omernick .

Sounds of a Image lets you explore the musical concept of taking a digital image and then converting that image into a musical composition. This music creation software is created to run on Mac OSX only.

Composition Music through the use of images can open up a whole new world of algorithmic music and field study in computer generated music. With the millions of pictures be share over the web through sites like Facebook and twitter a experimental composer palette for new interesting musical patterns is truly endless.

The different ways it allows you to create algorithmic compositions.

The application lets you either convert pixel by pixel or line by line. Now if you choose to create you composition pixel by pixel it will create a extremely long piece of music roughly around 4 to 5 hours.
Where has if you convert the image line by line the track will be around only 4 to 5 minutes in length.

The midi file created is 3 channels one being a steady beat. The other two being based of the conversion of the image into a algorithmic music pattern.

Sounds of a image supports the standard file types such as .jpg .png .gif ect..

Allows you to save to midi file which is great cause this allows the composer to import the midi files in to other composing software such as Ableton Live which I use for its midi instruments and final mastering of the composition.

So how can you get started creating my own ?

1.You can download this freeware Application at Sounds of an Image. Download Sounds of a Image
2. Go find pictures you like to convert
3. save the songs and share the midi file with others

This is a wonderful Freeware music application and I recommend that if your interested in Algorithmic music then you should try this out..

ps. if you do convert your images into music please let me know and I would love to hear it and share it with others..

Visual Charts of the Text to Music Concept..

This Text to Music concept can be from a single word repeated over and over to create a Melody like pattern or  interpretations of the entire piece of text file such as a poem or the text of a website being composed into a single song.This concept music is usually played through a soft-synth but can be  played live on stage with a real instruments. The notes patterns are all predetermined by the text but all the instruments, tempo, key, scales and overall live techniques are all up to the Artist/producers Interpretation.

These are two visual charts that show the layout of how the text notes are equal to the letter or ascii value of a character. the ascii charts displays what the average range of the human ear can hear though the true ascii is 0-127.

Text to Music Concept Paper..

This is a short article I just published on the music and concept of text to music.

Please give it a read and share your thoughts on it..

Text to Music Article

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

A great Video on creating algorithmic music with Software

This was a excellent Video on Algorithmic music some of the ways its Being Created.

25C3 Algorithmic Music in a Box from freeduino.de

Musiche per automi by Jenner Fusari

 Musiche per automi from  Jenner Fusari  is based on planned elementary forms of intelligence artificial typical of much more notes simulations than cellular artificial life.

Ruby Based Text to Music converter

A while back there was a simple audio tool created in ruby to let you compose Text to Music compositions.
 Below is a short video showing it in action and I have included a Link to the source code for this application.

Video Tutorial Text to Music Application Demo Video

Code Link: Grab the Text to Music Application ( you can download and use freely.)
This application requires ruby language to be installed on your computer if your a mac user you already have it.
if your on another platform then please go down it at ruby-lang.org/
If you have any questions about this software please leave a comment.

If start creating music with this application please contact us we love to showcase your Project here at this Blog.

Various Articles on Different forms of Computer Generated Music

Here are three articles that been published that cover different forms of Conceptual Algorithmic Music.

 The Conceptual Idea of converting everyday text into Musical scores.
The concept of Text to Music

This article talk is about various forms of Algorithmic music and how it can be created. 
Fractals and Other Kinds of Algorithmic Music Concepts

This is a Music art-form of creating and taking images and creating music scores out them with the use of Computer aided music software.
An Experimental of Converting Images into Music

I hope you enjoy these articles if you have articles on other forms of live coding and algorithmic music please share it..

Welcome to Conceptual Algorithmic Music!

 Hello Everyone,

The hopes of this site is to bring together people interested in computer generated Music and all the different forms of Algorithmic Music. This is Includes conceptual music forms like text to music and converting images into music compositions.

Always looking to Share artist and composer Music and Albums. Sharing thoughts on further advancing these forms and promoting the creations with the world.

Please take a moment and start following this blog also if you like to share your projects here please contact me always looking to share great new ideas and artists.