Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ascii Art vs Text to Music Mashup

In the ever expanding study of text to music and trying to find new ways artists can create compositions.
Personal being a big fan of ascii art and what text to music is the sound version of ascii art I wanted to combine them so while back i came across a site called GlassGiants. They have a great online Ascii art generator.. which lets you either link a image with a url or upload one and the site will convert. Through the use of text to music I take the idea one step further by copying and pasting the outputted. ascii art into a text to music generator and Save the outputed midi which i will route to a soft-synth or instrument that can play back midi..

here a short example of this concept in action

The picture used:

photo by Olaf Meister and released under the creative commons licenses at Sankt-Petri-Kirche Eimersleben photo :

The ascii art produced:

(GlassGiants Ascii Art Generator)

The Music produced from the ascii art:

Created and Mixed By Alphacore

I hope to see more people explore this idea and love to hear your creations..


  1. Brilliant!!!

    already using this technique. Really fun. Thank you. Let me know what ftp to send music files.

  2. If you are producing this link of music upload it to and send me the link with a small bio about the project and i will share it here with others.