Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creating Composition based off converting Images

Over the years i have experimented with algorithmic composition. Composition Music that is based off computer generation has always fascinated me. In my quest to find all the various ways musical patterns can be generated.

I came across a Freeware Music Software called Sounds of a Image created by Tim Omernick .

Sounds of a Image lets you explore the musical concept of taking a digital image and then converting that image into a musical composition. This music creation software is created to run on Mac OSX only.

Composition Music through the use of images can open up a whole new world of algorithmic music and field study in computer generated music. With the millions of pictures be share over the web through sites like Facebook and twitter a experimental composer palette for new interesting musical patterns is truly endless.

The different ways it allows you to create algorithmic compositions.

The application lets you either convert pixel by pixel or line by line. Now if you choose to create you composition pixel by pixel it will create a extremely long piece of music roughly around 4 to 5 hours.
Where has if you convert the image line by line the track will be around only 4 to 5 minutes in length.

The midi file created is 3 channels one being a steady beat. The other two being based of the conversion of the image into a algorithmic music pattern.

Sounds of a image supports the standard file types such as .jpg .png .gif ect..

Allows you to save to midi file which is great cause this allows the composer to import the midi files in to other composing software such as Ableton Live which I use for its midi instruments and final mastering of the composition.

So how can you get started creating my own ?

1.You can download this freeware Application at Sounds of an Image. Download Sounds of a Image
2. Go find pictures you like to convert
3. save the songs and share the midi file with others

This is a wonderful Freeware music application and I recommend that if your interested in Algorithmic music then you should try this out..

ps. if you do convert your images into music please let me know and I would love to hear it and share it with others..

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