Monday, March 7, 2011

64 notes for Piano minor scaled opus 1 released

Here is the first release of a series that will be created and performed created and performed with the use of the cannon maker project concept software.

"64 Note for Piano Minor scaled opus n1"

This is the first page of this compositions sheet music.

Also I have included the sheet music to this composition So other have the chance to perform it with there own ideas and style..

The sheet Music: Pdf format.64 Notes For Piano Minor Scaled Opus 1 Sheet Music download

Friday, February 25, 2011

Building Compositions Genrators need collaborators..


I've been working on designing composition generators the main one is one based off the concept of Canons. Which is taking a single melody pattern and create variations off of it and then mixing and play them in live environments. Now I've came across a book called "Musical Structure and Design written by Cedric Thorpe Davie in 1966.

The book is layed out a share the structure of how sonanta and vartions of them and other forms of music. breaking it down share information like what measures to change keys or melody variations. I like to take this books blueprint for compositions and create a series of composition generators that will create music following a set blueprint of rules.

I'm Looking for people that might be interested in tackling this task with me the goal is to have them has group of online music composers for everyone to use. most of the backend logic is complete and is written in ruby and will be built for the rails framework..

Please leave a comment or contact me directly at my email.

Thanks Gabriel G