Algorithmic Software List

Below is My updated list of Experimental Music Software covering all OS Platforms PC, Mac and Linux.

Experimental and Algorithmic Music PC Software
  • ArborRhythms music processor is a musical file processor that can generate, play and edit MIDI and digital audio.
  • AudioMulch is software for live performance,
    audio processing, sound synthesis and music composition.
  • autogam 1.2 application represents a free algorithmic Midi music generator !
  • Automated Composing System is so called Algorithmic Composition software.

  • brainwave generator
    let BrainWave Generator take you to the state of mind you want
  • Coagula Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ is a tool for importing, creating and converting .bmp image files to .wav sound files
  • crusher X Live v4.10 is a stand alone synthesizer application
  • Fractal harmonies generates a wide variety of interesting melodies
  • Fractal Tune Smithy The sounds for the Tune Smithy tunes are played using Midi
  • Gominimal v2 offers the possibility to transform plain ascii text-files (*.txt) and (RIFF 8 or 16 bit) wave-files (*.wav) into
    Standard Midi 0 Files (*.mid).
  • GranuLab1.0 is a real-time granular synthesizer.
  • MouSing your mouse imitate the eerie tones of the theremin
  • MUSINUM 2.08 is a free sonification program which turns numbers into generative fractal music.
  • Minimal Music Plug is an original multi loop player. It allows to synchronize 4 sample loops (up to 5 seconds) and to control the drift between the loops.
  • quasi fractal composer 2.01 It derives from both serialism and fractal music
  • RolloSONIC 100% Freeware, fully-modular sound-synthesis environment for Windows
  • soundmaps makes music out of your desktop actions
  • Synthfont is a program for playing midi files using SoundFonts

  • Tangent 1.0
    is a generative music program that creates musical structures filled with rich polyphonic textures and rhythms
  • VMIDIJoY converts joystick X and Y (and Z if you have it) movement into any of the MIDI continuous controllers, and you can define the fire buttons to be MIDI pedals, or trigger notes, or activate a few other functions.
  • webcam to midi program for turning a webcam image into MIDI data.
  • Wizard Master's Audio Electripugnance collections of the recordings and software of Wizard Master.
Experimental and Algorithmic Mac Music Software